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Please add PANDA - ThePandaCoin Request Thread

Symbol: PANDA

Pandacoin support

BTCTalk thread:



Cryptsy please add PANDA to your exchange!

188 people like this idea

make it happ'n cap'n

Stop adding new coins ffs, support work on the MASSIVE deposit delay

Deposit delays are temporary.  Panda is forever.

 You definetly want this coin here day one. Most anticipated coin 2014.

In for this. The devs know what they are doing.


This is a good coin, please add it!

Panda +1

Add this coin, it will have meow volume than doge!
Give me PANDA's or give me death


Please support PANDA Coin. I, for one, welcome our Chinese overlords.

I would also like to see this coin listed!

It would be cool to see a panda coin

Good concept and idea 

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